TEDH, Sec. 1.ª, de 17 de julio de 2003


Recurso 25337/94.

Publicación en medios de prensa de pasajes de conversaciones telefónicas interceptadas en el curso de una investigación penal 
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10. The applicant, an Italian national born in 1934, was the general secretary of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) from 1976 to 1993. From 1983 to 1987 he was Prime Minister of Italy. As of April 1994 (according to the applicant) or May 1994 (according to the Italian authorities), he lived in Hammamet (Tunisia).
A. The background
11. The proceedings to which this application relates were part of the criminal proceedings brought by the Milan Public Prosecutor''s Office during the so-called "clean hands" (mani pulite) campaign.
12. Between January and October 1993, the Milan Public Prosecutor issued twenty-six notices of prosecution (avvisi di garanzia) in respect of the applicant, in particular for corruption, dishonest receipt of money by a public officer, concealment of dishonest gain and offences against the legislation on the financing of political parties.
13. On 10 May, 10 September 1993 and 7 May 1994 the Rome Public Prosecutor also issued notices of prosecution in respect of the applicant for dishonest receipt of money by a public officer, offences against the legislation on the financing of political parties, corruption and misuse of public office.
14. The prosecutions against the applicant and other figures in politics, business and public institutions received attention from the media.
"Texto_Normal">B. The telephone interceptions1. The Metropolitana Milanese trial and the order for the interceptions15. Amongst the cases against the applicant was that of Metropolitana Milanese, which concerned payments of large sums of money made between 1983 and 1992 by a number of firms to the representatives of political parties and the influence the latter exerted on the board

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